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  2. Dec 09,  · Read 3 - "I Promise I'll Be Good" from the story Trapped ️ by SallyMason1 (Sal) with , reads. psychological, violence, drama. This chapter is dedicated Content Rating: everyone.
  3. "Really? I'll do it I'll work real hard I promise Ricky." Lena's eyes lit up like the bulbs of a Christmas tree. "Good, I've got to go now but be good and I'll be back soon." Rick let go of his sister hand before standing up and leaving the cell listening as the guards slammed the heavy titanium door behind him. End of Chapter One.
  4. This story is to honor the memory of a friend's father. Dad was seldom a happy man. It didn't matter Friday brought with it the end of a hard work week or, holidays were a time of joy and birthdays were suppose to be a really special day. His handsome features were rarely softened by .
  5. I promise I’ll be good 💗 Yes sir I'm a good kitty I'll keep cleaning just please don't forget to feed me your bone 🥺🥺.
  6. Just like that, Glen was walking down the hallway of the school in tears, begging my mom, ‘please Mom, I don’t want to leave, I promise I’ll be good.’ The principal told my mom that Glen was expelled and that if my mom didn’t leave her office, she’d call the cops.

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